Until a few years ago, the Public Relations industry was perceived as a grey area reigned by diplomacy, with certain elite features -worthy of Emmy winning series set in the 60s-, which dealt with methods far away from terms such as “creative” and “innovative.”

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Nowadays, the demand for professional profiles eager for leadership skills to strategically manage a commercial campaign is currently growing. Those fighting for a spot within the industry, find the task of exercising under the PR label, goes against the modern “true brand communication.”

However, for Roberto Liccardo, author, marketing expert, and entrepreneur, the PR industry and its capacities are much more than a motionless concept; as the Huffington Post portrayed at the beginning of October. But, who exactly is this character? And more importantly, why is it important within the Public Relations landscape in the digital age?

A Clear Vision

Roberto Liccardo is the founder and current CEO of the PR agency GoodNoon- under his command is a small but influential group of experts. Together, Liccardo has been able to obtain a diverse catalog of clients, among which are the New York fashion firm Jovani, “fintechs” such as Help4U in the middle eastern and crypto-enterprises such as Multiversum or Huobi, which have an international impact.

But the interesting element about Liccardo not only goes back to having obtained a position for his agency as a renowned marketing player on the rise; for the Italian leader, an unorthodox has led him to generate new techniques, capable of being translated into success rates of 98.3% for each campaign. He has even taken on the task of venturing into publishing what would be his first book and bestseller “Marketing Growth Secret: Growth Hacking, Marketing, PR and Brand Strategies to Lead Your Startup to Success.”

The philosophy that I want to present and share from GoodNoon is to attempt a constant evolution regarding PR strategies. Every single day, my team and I feel motivated due to the new challenges and obstacles in the race for excellence, which makes us even more creative.” – Roberto Liccardo.

The Forecast Of Marketing Growth

From the beginning, Liccardo seemed to be clear that he would specialize in the digital scenario for companies. In this context, he decided to use the principles of influencer marketing, which has proved to be the perfect means to connect brands with their audience.

On the other hand, the publication The Holmes Report released its Top 250 of the world communication agencies and brings good news for growing entrepreneurship. Although slowly, the Public Relations industry worldwide continues to expand – specifically, the sector has experienced an increase of 15% during the year 2017.

Another aspect mentioned in the report to exemplify the boom by which certain PR agencies rule is that customers of all natures now request services that go beyond conventions. And GoodNoon continues to dedicate efforts to stand out as a flexible agency on this value.

GoodNoon: A  Marketing Referent

For Roberto Liccardo, the subject of reputation is the essential determinants in which brands and companies should focus. Therefore, any company considering user experience as an important asset of its company is forced to periodically measure its reputational status among users and seek to cultivate it.

Given that, the definitive solution given by the marketing leader is to bet on “fresh” and bold PR services. As an example, thanks to the infinity of the networks and performance that awards a growth in its revenues of more than 13% (compared to last year), GoodNoon possesses worldwide reliability.

In this respect, Liccardo explained that it’s crucial for the current PR agencies to boost their inner resources, like the team expertise, results from work methodology, strategic thinking, and networking/alliances.

Market trends

As it’s been proven, there are still opportunities for the industry to continue growing. However, only those agencies that manage to optimize their perspectives and that satisfy the changing needs of their clients will be able to achieve it.

On the other hand, It’s expected that by 2019, GoodNoon will achieve new strategic partnerships that until now its CEO has not wanted to reveal.

Those who would like more information about Roberto Liccardo and GoodNoon can access their website: https://goodnoon.com

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