Consumer trust in social-media ‘influencers’ drops Add to …

Comments Share via email Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on LinkedIn Last year, Advertising Standards Canada began cracking down on bloggers and other social media “influencers,” requiring them to clarify when they are being paid for posts about products or services. But greater awareness of the marketing deals behind this new generation of […]

A Guide to Success With Influencer Marketing

If you doubt the power of influencer marketing, consider this: A six-month-old blog produced by DrumUP published a roundup of social media marketing books on June 11, 2015. Historically, the blog’s average share per post was around 20, but with this post something interesting happened. Within a few hours of publishing the post, Guy Kawasaki, […]

Experticity Adds Online Community, App to Its Influencer Marketing Platform

Experticity CEO Tom Stockham credits a bike ride for helping him realize the value of influencer marketing. There he was, riding a Santa Cruz mountain bike in Salt Lake City, when it hit him. Nine out of 10 bikers in his group — including his brother Dave — were riding Santa Cruz Bicycles. Stockham said his brother loved […]